The brewery U Dobřenských was founded in June 2015 and follows tradition that dates back to the 15th century. At that time the street U Dobřenských did not exist. There was a quite complicated conglomeration of buildings that together created the brewery´s housing block with its front leading to Betlémská as well as Náprstkova street (previously Zlatá street).

The brewery was first mentioned in 1413. Over the years the complex has been changing names and was often named after its owner or brewer e.g. „U zlaté hvězdy“ or „U Volovatých“. The last name of the brewery comes from the mid-17th century, where Jakub Dobřenský - a magistrate - was the owner. The name was slightly modified, i.e. „U Dobřanských“.

After that, the owners were changing quite often: at the beginning of the 19th century the owner was Matěj Václavka, from 1807 Barbora Koppmannová, from 1809 Josef Procházka and between 1815 and 1847 Tomáš Kunz. The last era of ownership and operation of the brewery is connected to the family Medáček. They bought the object from the brewer Jan Hrubý in 1864. Josef Medáček has been working here as a brewer until his death in 1873. His successor was Václav Horn. The last official mentioning of brewed beer dates back to April 1875 counting two brews – 160 pails, approx. 90 hectoliters beer.

In the following years the operation of the brewery remains unclear. The brewery is mentioned in the Prague´s brewery statistics, but without beer production and later it is no longer featured. However, it was not closed down, because documents from that time suggest that quite the opposite was the case.

  • Here are some examples:

    • advertisement from 1876, where the innkeeper František Šebek served beer from Dobřanských in his pub in Karlín (part of Prague, now in Prague 8)
    • greeting card dating 1886 from a servant at Dobřanských to Anna Medáčková
    • in 1887 a beer exposition is mentioed with a volume of 384 hectoliters with Antonín Klinger as the brewer
    • following in 1888 it is mentioned that Antonín Nebeský jr. became head brewer’s assistant at U Dobřanských
    • in 1890 U Dobřanských offered beer of Bavarian type
    • in 1892 in connection with the selling of the house it is mentioned that it concerns a brewery

The brewery in 1885 was impacted by the construction of Náprstkovo Museum, which was adjoined to its enclosure wall. After that, the owners were changing again quite often: 1889 František Odehnal, 1892 builder Václav Romováček and finally 1894 Eduard Rechziegel. During the whole time the tavern was operated and according to the documentation beer has also been produced.

At that time, the lifecycle of the old building came slowly to its end. Beer production has stopped after the building was purchased by its last owner. That was in 1894, where the tavern stopped serving Dobřanské beer, but Smíchovské beer instead, half liter for 12 Crowns.

During the whole time of operation the premises of the brewery have been used for several purposes and it was a famous place for national singers and different table rounds. Further, concerts and dancing events took place.

The definite decline of the brewery came in 1896, where it was demolished together with the neighboring houses. On the site of the old buildings new ones were built. Also, the new street „U Dobřenských“ was built, now with the letter „e“ instead of an „a“ that has never been corrected.

The last mentioning of the naming U Dobřanských can be found in 1897. A big eatery with an elegant interior was being offered for lease named U Dobřanských. It was placed in the new corner house leading together street Betlemská and U Dobřenských.

Murder at the brewery

Old documents give yet another interesting information dating back to 1608. In one fight at „U Dobřanských“ bricklayer Štěpán Kras killed one headgear journeyman. The reason for the murder remained unknown. Who would have thought what could happen at Prague’s breweries.

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